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  • Roger Schnauzer 4:46 pm on March 22, 2014 Permalink
    Tags: convict roger shuler, prisoner roger shuler, roger shuler is not a journalist   

    Roger Shuler Fought the Law and… 


    Have you learned your lesson? I think any rational human being would know when they’re licked, but we all know that you are the furthest thing from rational. You are a disingenuous “whack job” that thoroughly lacks integrity. You are not a journalist. You are not a hero. You are not honorable. You are not admirable. You’re just a sleazeball in his basement with a blog who defames Alabama’s most notable citizens. You are Convict Roger Shuler.

    And if you were thinking that this latest spectacle will garner you any praise or credibility, I can assure you that it will not. It will only serve to alienate the other crazies out there in the ether of the fringes to even further distance themselves from you.

    Guess that’s what happens when you defame and libel people.

    Next time, and yes there will be a next time because you are a sick man and can’t help yourself, things will not go so rosy. Next time you will wind up in prison for a lot longer than six months.

    And if you’re thinking that this is over, it isn’t. The summary judgements will be crushing and you will never get out from under them. We would not want to be in your shoes when the decisions start rolling in. Man….you’re screwed!

  • Roger Schnauzer 4:53 pm on March 7, 2014 Permalink
    Tags: whack job   

    Is Roger Shuler a “Whack Job”? 

    WHACK JOB ALERTRoger Shuler does not know when to quit. Whether it’s defaming innocent people or inventing wild conspiratorial conjecture about Republican politicians and the Alabama judicial system, he simply cannot help himself.
    For a man who has been held in custody since October for contempt of court, you’d think that reason and logic might somehow soften his demeanor, but no. An out-of-touch attention seeker like Roger Shuler is far too self involved and delusional to see the naked truth. He’s even gone so far as to criticize the judge in his case, saying;
    “To call it a kangaroo court is an insult to kangaroos,” Shuler said. “It’s worse than a joke.”
    With statements like these, it doesn’t look like Roger Shuler will be released anytime soon.
    Roger Shuler continues to represent himself in his legal defense, as he says that he has had far to many bad experiences with lawyers and he is extremely suspicious of the Alabama criminal justice system.
    Funny enough, in a recent jailhouse interview, he stated when confronted with these issues, “I’m not some whack job.”

    Oh no? We beg to differ.

  • Roger Schnauzer 5:52 pm on February 21, 2014 Permalink
    Tags: Shuler Defamation Case   

    The End of the Line for Roger Shuler 

    stop-cyber-bulliesLooks like the end is drawing near for attack blogger and cyber bully Roger Shuler. In addition to the two pending defamation lawsuits brought against Shuler by Robert Riley Jr. and Jessica Medeiros Garrison , word has it there are several other parties whom Shuler has defamed who are at this very moment preparing to ‘pile on’ to Shuler’s legal woes. This will certainly spell the end of Roger Shuler’s blog as well as his freedom. I hope Shuler is prepared for a very long prison stay. We have also learned that Luther Strange will definitely testify in the Jessica Medeiros Garrison case.

    We hope that Carol Shuler and Roger Shuler are prepared for the civil damages that will be awarded in these cases. We’re thinking the awards will collectively top $250,000. And given Shuler’s propensity to represent himself, things are looking bleak. He has no chance of winning either of these cases, despite all of his his allegations of ‘corruption’. The fact remains that he is a defamer, a liar and a fraud.

    As Roger Shuler continues to sit in jail while he contemplates his ever darkening fate, let this serve as a lesson to anyone who would make up lies and post them to their blog and harm an innocent person. You would not want to wind up like Carol or Roger Shuler. Don’t be fooled by their rhetoric. These sad and broken people have thrown their lives away. They have truly lost it all and for what? Some delusion Roger Shuler cooked up? These people are pathetic and deserve to be held accountable for the lies they have spread. Don’t be fooled.

    Roger Shuler Has Lost Already.


  • Roger Schnauzer 5:39 pm on January 16, 2014 Permalink
    Tags: Fake Reporter, Roger Shuler is not a reporter   


    We here at Legal Schnauzer Exposed take serious issue with the general misapprehension that Roger Shuler is by any means a ‘journalist’.

    According to wikipedia; “Journalism has developed a variety of ethics and standards. While objectivity and a lack of bias are often considered important, a journalist collects, writes, and distributes news and other information.”

    Hmmmm…Is there anyone in their right mind who has read anything that Roger Shuler has written and thought of him as “unbiased” or “ethical”?

    The facts don’t support his point of view on anything. From his long string of failed civil cases, to his incarceration for defamation. His so-called reporting is void of any substance. It is hurtful, mean spirited, defamatory and lacking in judgment.

    The fact is: Roger Shuler is a ‘wannabe journalist‘ who sits around in his basement dreaming up wild conjecture, conspiracy theories and defamatory content about politicians and other prominent citizens and public figures. He then writes an incoherent blog article filled with conjecture, lies and innuendo with absolutely no supporting evidence. Just outright lies and falsehoods with nothing to back up his allegations but a serious stretch of the imagination.

    The biggest falsehood in all of Roger Shuler’s so-called reporting is to regard what he does as anything resembling journalism.  He is no journalist. He has worked as a copy editor for the last 20 years. Let’s examine the facts according to his LinkedIn Profile:

    From 1989 until his termination in 2008 he worked in the Publications Office of UAB editing publications for the School of Medicine, School of Business, School of Education, School of Nursing, School of Public Health, and others.

    Being a copy editor does not make you a journalist or any kind of reporter. Creating a blog, making up defamatory stories and then harassing the object of your vitriol for a comment, does not make you a reporter.

    If you carefully read many of the email responses or listen to any of the recorded conversations of any one of the people Roger Shuler has tried to source for one of his articles, you will see a continual pattern of denials and disgust from his targets. Roger Shuler then uses these denials to suggest that his targets would of course “deny his allegations” because they are covering their own tracks.

    He has accused prominent citizens of everything under the sun, from child abuse, to gay porn, to secret abortions, to right wing conspiratorial nonsense. Where are his witnesses? Where are his sources? Can Roger Shuler verify any one of his so-called ‘reports’? Can he prove anything?

    No, he cannot and he never will. You know why? Because he’s a sick whacko and attention seeker. That’s all Roger Shuler is. A wack job attention seeker.

    Anybody could sit in their basement and start a blog about prominent local people. They could make up lies and defame prominent people. But you know where that person would wind up? In Jail. Roger Shuler is an attention seeking nut job. Don’t be fooled.

  • Roger Schnauzer 5:43 pm on December 25, 2013 Permalink
    Tags: Alabama Court System, Monarch Ultra Plan, Roger Shuler Journalist   

    Roger Shuler: Please Continue to Represent Yourself 

    Dear Mr. Shuler,

    Please continue to represent yourself in court. It is truly in your best interest, and frankly, you can’t argue with the results.  Given your deep and expansive knowledge of the inner workings of the Alabama legal system and your experience representing yourself in numerous civil cases, there is no better person for the job!

    The truth is, you never know who is out to get you these days. You’ve made so many enemies in pursuit of…the truth…who can you trust anyway? An agitator and seeker of…the truth…such as yourself should be very leery of any ‘court appointed’ lawyer. According to your blog, the tendrils of corruption in the Alabama court system run deep. Who can you trust?

    Anyhow, your secret master plan, you know the one…the one that will make you a celebrated Hero, Journalistic Superstar and Multimillionaire CNBC contributor. The plan where your ‘bright light and sword of justice’ reigns down upon the corrupt for a once and final cleansing, making the world safe again and you are celebrated across the nation by goodly god fearing Christians everywhere? Your plan is working! (We’re going to call this plan the Monarch Ultra Plan)

    How you fooled those dumb slobs over at Salon and the NY Times is just the work of a genius. They’re saying you’re the only imprisoned ‘journalist’ in the Western Hemisphere. What idiots! You are like some kind of savant, Sir!

    Anyway, you’re doing a great job! Hang in there!



  • Roger Schnauzer 5:08 pm on November 8, 2013 Permalink  

    No Love for Roger Shuler 

    Question: Why does Roger Shuler continue to sit in Jail unable to raise the $1000 Bond for his release?

    a. No one takes him seriously as a journalist;
    b. He has no credibility;
    c. He’s a piss-pot poor deadbeat;
    d. He has no friends;
    e. He has no support from the community;
    f. No one wants to get involved;
    g. He has no family members willing to help him;
    h. He’s bat shit crazy;
    i. All of the Above

    Answer:  i. All of the Above

    Roger Shuler is a sick and desperate man. He has been defaming and making up lies about innocent people for his own monetary gain, several people have said. But being a ‘cyber bully’ can’t be paying that much these days. Roger Shuler appears to be into making up lies about people for some other sick motive.

    “He even goes after his ‘own’ kind” said one self-proclaimed liberal. He writes about minors and then makes up strange, twisted stories about people, many times tying them to illicit affairs and sexual acts. One psychologist we spoke to said, “…he must be a homophobe or have other major sexual dysfunction issues to be constantly projecting onto other people.”

    Yes, our sources say this is how Roger Shuler, the cyber bully, makes his money. But now he’s in jail for continuing to defame and resisting arrest. According to many people who have been defamed in AL, Roger Shuler basically dared authorities to arrest him. “If you want an order to be issued against you, the way he acted is pretty much the best way to ensure it will be,” said Ken White, a lawyer in California.

    What a scumbag.



  • Roger Schnauzer 10:50 pm on November 4, 2013 Permalink  

    Roger Shuler Remains in Prison 

    Today we are celebrating because Roger Shuler, aka “Legal Schnauzer” has finally been derailed. Looks like the rest of the world has finally caught on to all of Roger Shuler’s lies and insanity. A prominent Legal Blogger, amongst other prominent Reporters and Lawyers from around the blog-o-sphere have confirmed what we already know to be true. Here are a few choice excerpts:

    “First, Shuler is creepy and crazy. (I formed that opinion by reading his blog.)”

    “Second, Shuler is a vexatious litigant, a serial pro se abuser of the court system.1 (I formed that opinion by researching records of his litigation history.)”

    “By the way, though Roger Shuler wraps himself in the First Amendment and bemoans how defamation suits against him are intended to chill speech, he’s a fair-weather friend of free speech. When vexatious litigant and unrepentant domestic terrorist Brett Kimberlin abused the legal system to silence his political opponents, Shuler reacts with amusement and applause — because Kimberlin hates the people Shuler hates and mouths the words Shuler wants to hear. But he wants you to be outraged that political opponents are abusing the court system to silence him. In short, Shuler is a hypocritical asshole. “

    And regarding Shuler’s frivolous lawsuits….don’t take our word for it…here’s a prominent attorney’s opinion:

    (1) Shuler was embroiled in a bitter state court litigation against a neighbor. When he didn’t like the rulings of the judge in that case, he sued the judge pro se in federal court. He lost, of course. Suing the judge because you don’t like the judge’s rulings is a reliable hallmark of crazy and abusive litigants.
    (2) Shuler then tried to move the state case against his neighbor to federal court, despite the federal court’s lack of jurisdiction over it, on the bogus grounds that it was related to his case against the judge. He lost, because his theory was frivolous.
    (3) Shuler sued the University of Alabama, several of its officials, and the Birmingham Police Department pro se in federal court. Shuler — who used the complaint as a vehicle to attack his neighbor and his neighbor’s lawyer, and the results of his neighbor’s lawsuit — claimed that UA fired him because of his blogging, because of a political conspiracy, and because he’s a man. He claimed that the police unlawfully accepted an invalid criminal complaint against him. He lost in the trial court and on appeal.
    (4) Shuler’s neighbor won $1,525 is the lawsuit against Shuler. Shuler didn’t pay, so Shuler’s neighbor got a writ of attachment and arranged for a sale of Shuler’s house. That’s what happens when you don’t pay judgments. Shuler responded by filing a pro se complaint in federal court against his neighbor, his neighbor’s lawyer, the Sheriff who conducted the sale, and the Alabama State Bar (apparently on the theory that it failed to disbar the neighbor’s lawyer upon Shuler’s demand). Once again, Shuler lost in the trial and appellate courts.
    (5) Shuler filed a pro se federal complaint against a debt collection company and, once again, lost in the trial court and the appellate court.
    (6) Shuler frequently moved to disqualify the federal judges hearing his cases, sometimes multiple times in the same case, on the basis that they had demonstrated bias by ruling against him. See here, here, here, here, and here. This is a reliable tell of a frivolous and vexatious litigant. How frivolous and vexatious? Prenda Law tried it. In short: even without delving into his state court litigation record, the evidence shows that Roger Shuler crazily abuses the court system.

    Riddle me this: Shuler sits in jail unable to come up with the $1000 bond needed for his release. Look – $1000 bucks in this economy is your rent money – but Shuler can’t even find a few friends to bail him out? Can’t take up a collection for $1000 bucks? Where are all his supporters? Where is his family? 

    I’ll tell you where: NON-EXISTENT. He’s bat shit crazy and no one wants to get involved.


  • Roger Schnauzer 11:18 pm on October 24, 2013 Permalink  

    Roger Shuler Under Arrest! 

    Roger Shuler has been charged with “Resisting Arrest” and “Contempt of Court”!


    View the ugly details here:


  • Roger Schnauzer 2:10 am on September 4, 2013 Permalink
    Tags: , pig,   

    Roger Shuler Sued For Defamation: First Suit in Wave of Pending Actions 

    Heads up my little lovelies! Seems that our least favorite scumbag, the very despicable cyber bully Roger Shuler, aka Legal Schnauzer is being sued for “Defamation” by one of his empowered victims. We hear that this is a first in a wave of lawsuits that are about to hit Roger Shuler. Hope you ready to spend some meaningful time being scrutinized by the Alabama Court system, I’m sure they can’t wait. Here’s the info:

    Jessica Medeiros Garrison
    Roger A. Shuler, individually and dba Legal Schnauzer Blog
    8/26/2013 01-CV-13-903427

    Defamation. Plaintiff claims defendant has published articles on his online blog alleging that plaintiff had an affair with Luther Strange, the Alabama Attorney General while she was working as his campaign manager. Plaintiff says defendant also called her a “whore” with a “mental condition” and claimed she is “rising to the top by laying on her back!!!” Plaintiff says she demanded a retraction and defendant refused.


  • Roger Schnauzer 3:37 am on March 1, 2013 Permalink
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    Carol Shuler and Roger Shuler’s Frivolous Lawsuits 

    If you’re a potential employer of Carol Shuler or Roger Shuler you might want to read the last few blog posts…and BEWARE my friend! They love to sue people for no good reason!

    Case and point:

    A very interesting and somewhat entertaining read. They’re your basic deadbeats. Got sued by their neighbor, went bad on some debt and as a result, like most deadbeats that cost us decent hard working taxpayers billions, found themselves in litigation. So what’s  a scumbag deadbeat to do? Sue of course! They sued NCO Financial and their attorney for (get this) fraud, invasion of privacy, defamation, violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and wanton failure to train and supervise employees.

    I’ve put together a few choice excepts which I think you will enjoy: 

    Thus, the Shulers judicially admitted the facts that Mr. Shuler had a debt with American Express, that American Express placed the debt with NCO for collection, that NCO referred the past due debt to Ingram, a debt collector, and that American Express retained Ingram as legal counsel.

    Under the FDCPA, a debt collector is prohibited from “causing a telephone to ring or engaging any person in telephone conversation repeatedly or continuously with intent to annoy, abuse, or harass any person at the called number.”

    However, Ingram’s five telephone calls to the Shulers, including one successful contact with Mr. Shuler that lasted for less than five minutes and two voicemail messages, do not amount to repeated or continuous attempts to annoy, abuse, or harass the Shulers. Moreover, Ingram did not violate the FDCPA by calling Mr. Shuler after Mr. Shuler had told Ingram not to do so. As the record shows, Mr. Shuler effectively nullified this prior instruction when he subsequently called Ingram to speak about the debt, thereby giving Ingram a reasonable basis to call the Shuler’s again.

    In this case, the district court properly found that Ingram did not invade the Shulers’s privacy because Ingram had the right to make reasonable efforts to collect the debt and the single telephone conversation with Mrs. Shuler about payment arrangements and the legal consequences of not paying the debt did not exceed the bounds of reasonableness. Although Mrs. Shuler became hysterical during the call, the Shulers offered no specific facts showing that Ingram was attempting by harassment to coerce her into payment arrangements or to frighten her with the prospect of selling the Shulers’s house. Thus, the Shulers failed to show how this conversation wrongfully would cause mental suffering or humiliation to a person of ordinary sensibilities.

    (**I’ll let you draw your own conclusions about Carol Shuler’s mental stability here.)

    As far as the Roger Shuler’s four year tirade over the injustice of the Alabama Judicial System for “railroading him” – the findings are quite contrary:

    First, we reject the Shulers’s argument that the district court procedurally erred in granting summary judgment to the defendants. For starters, because Rule does not require an oral hearing, the district court did not procedurally err in failing to hold a hearing. Nor were the Shulers railroaded by a premature summary judgment motion. As the record shows, the Shulers initially filed suit in July 2008, the discovery period closed on October 30, 2009, and both defendants filed summary judgment motions by November 30, 2009.

    More than enough time for the Shuler’s to take rightful legal action, if they actually had a “rightful” leg to stand on. Here again, Carol Shuler and Roger Shuler are living in a fantasy of a corrupt system and conspiracies.

    We have several upcoming articles on the long storied history of Carol and Roger Shuler’s frivolous  lawsuits. Stay Tuned!

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