Who is Legal Schnauzer?

Sources say: 

  • Roger Shuler aka Legal Schnauzer has been unemployed since 2008 following his termination by the University of Alabama Birmingham. Yet he posts as if he is still employed at UAB.
  • Roger Shuler was terminated from UAB since he was violating their policies.
  • Roger Shuler threatened violence against the president of UAB.
  • Roger Shuler has no legal experience or qualifications.
  • Roger Shuler is not a journalist.
  • Roger Shuler lives off tax payers’ dollars.
  • Roger Shuler fails to pay creditors then attacks them when they attempt to collect his debt.
  • Roger Shuler routinely files frivolous lawsuits.
  • Roger Shuler is illegally living in his home.
  • Roger Shuler harasses minors and unlawfully records their conversations, using it publicly without their permission.
  • Roger Shuler supports criminals.
  • Roger Shuler calls public servants thugs.